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Warning about bad dentistry in "Affordable Cancun Dentist" and Newton Henderson III. I am Mexican dentist who use to work with Dr. Newton Henderson. I stopped working with him because I could not stand his unethical practices with Americans and Canadians that seek an American dentist practising in Mexico.

Newton Henderson's clinic in Cancun is like a revolving door for new inexperienced dentists. Dentist are either fired for not meeting their revenue quota or resign because they could not stand the bad ethics at the clinic. Never forget that Newton Henderson III is a runaway dentist from America,he ran away from Arizona where he used to practice Destroying people's teeth and decided to come to Mexico to test his luck as a terrible and unethical dentist. This doctor runs a high pressure environment where each Mexican dentist are asked to get as much treatment as possible from each patient. To meet the quota, often times doctors are encouraged to recommend more than what patient needs. Simple fillings become root canals and crowns. Crowns are rushed without regard for professional dental procedures such as proper *** or sealed crowns.

They even perform big implant cases when none at the facility are properly trained to do so, including Dr. Newton Henderson III himself. They perform entire mouth work without the proper training to do so. Most of the time, a new dentist work on your case, regardless of how extensive your case. That’s just unethical. Dr Newton Hemderson III is a General Dentist and he performs cosmetic dentistry without proper trainning or experience. Again, he is a runaway doctor from the United States. why would a "extensively trained" and "experienced" dentist as he claims to be comes to Mexico to practice? Exactly. He even says he had tons of patients in AZ so why would he runaway?

Patients experience problems within a year and oftentimes have to redo the work after wasting so much money under Newton Henderson DDS hands.

I feel terrible for many American and Canadians lured by Dr. Newton Henderson III and his marketing machine with false advertising of high quality dentistry. Many Americans including some local government agencies have warned about NEWTON HENDERSON III and His "Affordable Cancun Dentist" website. He has plenty of bad review online. "Affordable Cancun Dentist" is the new trap used by this unethical, runaway American doctor. Dr. Henderson III can change the name of his practice, but he can’t change his last name. For every 1 good testimonial he gets, 2 or 3 others have experienced bad dental care. CHeck for yourself his unethical background.

I can’t tell you enough how many teeth have been ruined by Dr. Newton Henderson III and his dentists. He gives Cancun dentistry a bad reputation. Many dentist in Mexico think he is a bad example and destroys reputation of other small hardworking dentists.

I don’t even speak English very well, so I had a friend translate this letter. I just feel compelled to say something before more people experience bad dental care from this dentist.

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Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico #595991

Nice try! I’m amused by this fake report but not surprised. The successful dentists of Cancun are constantly subjected to smear campaigns of fake negative reviews posted by one of the local clinics. We all take it in stride as we know that such unethical tactics will be the demise of that dentist. In a country with limited government regulation of dentists, there is nothing that can be done. In 15 years, this will be my first negative review posted on the internet. My office in Cancun has been open for 3 months, so it’s obvious that this report was fabricated with lies and motivated by greed. I have never employed a dentist in my Cancun office. I am blessed with the opportunity to live and work in Paradise. Quality of life is what motivates me and not money. I’m confident that readers of this report will recognize the obvious bogus factor and dismiss it.

Newton Henderson III, DDS :grin

to affordablecancundentist #633355

That was a terrible thing to do. That letter was actually written about Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry and Dr.

German Arzate and was posted months ago on a complaints board. Dr. Arzate is the subject to several formal complaints and was identified on Canadian national news as a crappy choice for dental tourists. He was removed from the Canadian Consulates dentist list for his unsavory business and harming patients.

Don't even lower yourself by responding to their antics. They are looking for a way out of the complaints they have received and very badly I may add.

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